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Need a Spring Freebie for Math?

Look no further because I just added the latest Solve and Snip and it’s FREE AVAILABLE NOW! I know Probability is hit hard and heavy this time of year because it’s one of those pushed aside topics for many to cover those hard and heavy topic for testing, so why not have some fun while practicing probability!

Click the photo to jump to download on TpT!
Click the photo to jump to download on TpT!
  • Now, my 3rd-5th grade friends, don’t feel bad! I have a Spring Solve and Snip up for you as well and of course it is FREE AVAILABLE NOW as well!

FREE Spring Solve and Snip for 3-5th

**These items were offered in Spring 2013 for FREE for a limited time. They are now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $1.50 each.**

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