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#myFavFriday- Instagram Learning

So this week I have to share some greatness that has been going on outside of my classroom as my FAVORITE thing this week. All through our unit on numerical understandings where we defined rational numbers as well as positive and negative numbers, my students kept bringing up infinity when it came to examples or non-examples.

As a resourceful teacher, I wanted to make sure that my students had accurate representations for what infinity was and what it wasn’t. Granted, my students are in 7th grade and 12 so we didn’t get into the Calculus of the matter {despite the fact that my Calculus teaching father probably could have spoke for eternity about it}.

So in class on Thursday as we were defining negative numbers, infinity came up once more. I posed the question to my students below and allowed them to respond.

What resulted in a great conversation by students that even evolved into the classroom today as well is as follows:

So why does this make me proud? Because on a Thursday night, after a football game, my students were engaged in math in somethign they wanted to learn more about!

 Oh, and one student came in today with a piece of paper with three reasons, including a proof, of why infinity was neither positive or negative! I was ecstatic!

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