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Melting Fun!

Last night during my UStream show, I had finished the mini album and still had some time left so I decided to get the Melting Pot out and give a demo on how to use it and work with my new mold. If you missed out, it was a ton of fun. You can watch the recording of this below straight on UStream.

If you are interested in purchasing the Melting Pot, please email me at The Melting Pot is $21.75, extra pan is $4.50 and the tools are $3.50. **The Melting Pot cannot fit in a Medium Flat Rate but it will fit in a Large Flat Rate. We will refund any overage on shipping if it is cheaper for us to send to you in another way. All of our items comes with Delivery Confirmation.

See you for next Friday’s show at 8pm Central where I will be talking about Glimmer Mist, Perfect Pearls Mist, Color Wash, Pearl Ex Powders and Perfect Pearls powders.

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