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12 Stories from the 12th

This month for my Take Twelve, I had a lot more than normal going on and had to actually weed out photos. Go figure!

The day began with Squirmy (Aretha) giving me bear hugs. I then took my double french braid down that I had slept in and the natural curl was so wavy! LOVING IT! After dropping hubby off at work, I ran to McDonald’s for breakfast and grabbed a Pineapple Mango smoothie! YUMMY!

Spent some time at the library catching up on Twitter, blogs and what not. Checked out the Laurell section to see if they had the third Anita Blake book in stock so I didn’t have to buy it. Nope. Guess Half Price Books is now on my list. Went to hubby’s work to pick him up. I always go against the grain there.

Lunch at Subway! Love the new $5.50 meals as it was just perfect for lunch. Filling up with gas seems to be a regular occurrence around my house. Hate shelling out so much money each week. Went home for some scrappy time. Still working through the stacks to finish up some layouts with titles/journaling and putting them in albums.

Wanted to take a nap and Squirmy wanted to play Peek A Boo. I ended up getting a nap and she just played around the bed. Took a trip out to my dad’s hunting grounds to drop off his puppy. One less mouth to feed but he will be missed. Since we were down there, we stopped at Taco Shop and had some NOMMY tacos! 🙂

I have so many scrappy things to share with you as well. Remember to join in on the Inspired by Shimelle Challenge and link up below! I did finish my kit this weekend and was able to get 11 layouts done and was SO happy to have the rule of scraps don’t count! When it came down to the last layouts, there was a lot of piecing together.

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