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Saturday’s are meant for fun!

Lots of little things today so here goes!

Today is the 12th, so it’s time for Take Twelve! Are you joining in? Make sure if you are tweeting your pics to use the hashtag #take12 so we can all search them. 🙂

Also, I have been busy working on the Inspired by Shimelle Challenge that I posted the other day. I will say that the excitement is amazing on the message board over at 2Peas. So much so that I have decided to offer a prize for the person who creates the most items from May 7th- June 30th. The prize is a $25 gift credit to 2Peas! How awesome is that? The only stipulation is that you HAVE to link them up in the linky here at my blog to be in for the prize!

I am also going to start putting the linky at the bottom of each post so you won’t have to dig for it. So make sure to link up to be eligible for the prize!

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