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INB Update – Earth Science Style – With FREEBIE!


Right before Thanksgiving I was contacted by a friend who wanted to see what I could put together for an upcoming Earth Science Unit on Plate Tectonics that she would be teaching to her 9th and 10th graders. Being one to never give up on a challenge, she sent me the basic vocabulary/topics that she would be covering and I went to town to create a Plate Tectonics bundle for Interactive Notebooks.

Plate Tectonics INB Unit

While researching and developing this unit, I began to actually learn material myself. I never knew about the three different types of boundaries in the world and what each boundary is caused by and what they result in.

Plate Tectonics INB Unit Preview

As you can see from the Unit Preview, this is a very detailed unit that includes approximately ten class periods of Interactive Notebook materials, a vocabulary review game and quiz, a mini quiz over Earthquakes and Interactive lab as well as Essential Questions to be used with Editable Exit Tickets all before taking the culminating open-ended assessment.

My friend was so sweet to send me pictures from the first day of lessons as well as comments from her students.

Plate Tectonics Boundaries Flippable

This is a Flippable over the three different types of boundaries that students are to match a picture of the convergent, divergent and transform boundaries before taking notes on the different types of boundaries.

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Flippable_1

And this is my absolute favorite type of Flippable for vocabulary. Students create a pocket from a half sheet of colored paper. It’s labeled on the front with the type of vocabulary and then it secures easily into an Interactive Notebook. In this unit I included this with the words that they would be using to create index cards with.

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Flippable_2

And because I LOVE my blog readers so much, I have decided to share a BLANK EDITABLE COPY of this Flippable with you for FREE! You heard it right, FREE! Just simply download it here from Google Docs and feel free to use it in your classroom. I do ask that it is for PERSONAL USE only and not for resale unless you purchase the Single Flippable Commercial Use License.

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Flippable_3

Although the photos are cropped to not see students, this is what my friend had to say in the email she sent me, “Just thought I would let you know, we did our first activities today – the Plate Types Flippable and the Vocabulary Wallet… I can see ideas on how to use the vocabulary to review by sorting it, linking ideas together, laying them out and doing some mapping/webbing. My students asked me if we were going to do more because it’s fun!

I am so happy that I took on the challenge to create this and have already started gathering ideas for the next unit for her! If you are interested, or know someone who is, in grabbing this unit, it is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for only $10 and you can download it by clicking here.

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