March MIRL: Rearranging Furniture Fun

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This month’s Math IS Real Life is all about the rearranging of my home office. Hubby and I have been sharing an office since we moved into our home over a year ago. And I use the word “share” to mean that he simply had his stuff in there and I really used the office. Makes sense since he works in front of a computer all day already, why come home and play in front of one.

Well, when our roommate moved out we had an extra bedroom that would allow us to both have our own space again. WOOT! This past weekend he all of a sudden had the energy to start moving stuff around and needless to say we had to use some math. Why you ask?
5x5 Bookshelf
My desk consists of a 5×5 Expedit Bookshelf from IKEA with an extended table for my desk. It’s MASSIVE and we had to make sure that all 72 1/2″ inches in width would fit where I wanted to rotate it to in the room as well as how far out the table would extend since I plan on putting a chair in there as well.
Books from my shelf
Here is a bit of the reason that I NEED such a big bookshelf. I don’t want to even estimate how many POUNDS of resources I have on that shelf. We knew that we couldn’t move the shelf with the books on it (as well as about 15 reams of color paper on the bottom) so they all had to come off.
The black stand there is part of the “legs” for the printer table that will butted up against my desk since I am ALWAYS using the printer. Have to make my samples for my products!
Don’t things always get worse before they get better? I’m telling you the hubby had so much stuff in his corner that I didn’t realize so I just stayed out of there while he was working. I blame the Magic cards.
In Progress
Hubs desk has been moved and my book shelf is waiting to get put in place. Whew! That was enough for one night. Here is to hoping that it is all back in place this week. More measuring will be coming for sure!
How have you used math recently?

6 thoughts on “March MIRL: Rearranging Furniture Fun”

  1. Today is my first time linking up with you for the Math is Real Life linky. I’m so excited to have found like minded math peeps! Moving stuff around is always such a pain, but you are so right about the math involved. I moved to SC last year and I can’t tell you the number of measurements involved. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Can’t wait to see what the office looks like now! I am definitely jealous. I have been banished to the kitchen table as my “office” just became the baby’s room. One day I will have my dream office in the basement – fingers crossed!


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