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Making Healthy Choices and Layout

After listening to Cathy Zielske‘s interview on the Layout A Day Podcast by Lain Ehmann back in January, I was totally charged to start another year of working hard to be healthy. I’ve said it before that in 2011, I was able to lose and keep off over 30 lbs. Truly listening to what Cathy had to say made me feel so alive and ready to keep going.

So here is my ode to all things healthy in the month of January. Yogurt and a banana for a snack instead of chocolate. Protein bars for breakfast on a stop at Central Market. {Yes, there is wine in there. I still haven’t opened it yet.} A Skinny Patron Margarita at Chili’s that was SO amazing. And, Grilled Cheese with Wheat Bread, Buttery Spray and Light Cheese.

The banners were totally cut by hand from scraps and after this layout, I totally have come to the conclusion that I have to buy a square punch so that I can use the amazing trick that will cut the banner shape for me. {Thanks Pinterest!} I took part of my idea from this layout that a friend of mine pinned at just the right time.

Did you know that all of my Start to Finish series layouts (those that I go through Step by Step) I have been posting to their own board on Pinterest? Check it out some time! Also, all of the other various things that I have created have their own Made It Board as well. I hope to see you as a follower. I would love to follow you back! 🙂

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