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Life’s Decisions

There are many times in life when you have to make decisions that not only affect yourself but your family as well. This has become one of those times.

As many of you know, I have been living 250 miles away from my husband for the past 5 months. It has caused our lives a lot of strain because of us being newlyweds. We have both been stretched thin. Over the course of the past two weeks I have loved being around my husband so much no matter what we were doing. It felt so much like home. Since he has a job back in Dallas, where we moved from, I have decided to move back and be with him. The job market is tough for a teacher just as it is for everyone in our country right now.

I know that I am making the right decision in this matter for my family, my dogs, and myself. I woke up this morning my back felt GREAT! Michael continues to ask me if this is what I really want, I smile, nod my head and say yes every time. He means the world to me as does making my family complete.

See you soon girls!

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