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From the very first Solve and Snip that I introduced back in October 2012, I have been requested to bundle them all together for teachers who teach more than one grade. Well I am happy to announce, that bundle is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Some of you may know why I created Solve and Snips. They started out of my need as a Resource Math Teacher who was teaching 7th and 8th Grade Resource with students on levels 4th-7th grade math. I needed to find a way to evaluate their progress that aligned not only with our TEKS (Texas State Standards) but also was easy to check and do so when I had 10-14 students in one class at a time.

What I love about Solve and Snips is I can easily individualize what each student in my class is doing. This allows them to be involved in THEIR ASSIGNMENT and not their neighbors. They are SELF-CHECKING because there is only one answer for each of the problems and they have them to start with! With only 10 problems, it is easy to grade and determine the level of mastery based on the standards reviewed.

So many of you have placed requests for Solve and Snips and I am working through those as quickly as I am able. We all know how the end of the school year can be. I am grateful for the continuous flow of ideas that I haven’t even thought about and I have so much in store for you that I can’t even begin to tease you!

So back to the bundle…

I have created a Drop Box folder that is storing all of the PDF versions of my Solve and Snips. When you purchase the Solve and Snip Personal Use Bundle for Grades 4-8 you will receive directions on how to receive access to that folder for your use. Currently (as of 5/7/13), I have 36 Solve and Snips loaded for a value of $36 on the bundle. Well you all know I like to offer a discount on my bundles so, the bundle is currently being offered for $22! That’s a 40% savings! HOLY MOLY!

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So for a purchase of this bundle you will get access to all of the currently created Solve and Snips and ALL FUTURE Solve and Snips! You will only pay once and have continued access to the Solve and Snips as a resource to use in your classroom for years to come!

Side Note: For every Solve and Snip added, the price will increase. Better get in on it early and have unlimited access from now on! Also, if you have purchased 10 or more of my Solve and Snips, please contact me vial Email for a Special Price based on your past support!

Even better, I was able to get this done for the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale so if you JUMP on this right now, it’s only $17.60 while it is 20% off! Don’t forget to use the code TAD13 for an extra 10% savings!

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