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I’m not lost…

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Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten lost on the farmstead that we have moved to! {Well, not yet at least!} We have had an amazingly crazy busy last couple of weeks and I am so happy to be finally “living” on our new land!

We finally were out of the house on the 11th of the month completely. We started staying here before that but it was a complete challenge to get everything out of the old place and into what we have here. {I still have no clue where most things are!}

Despite the original snafu with the electricity, I was trying to do laundry yesterday in our teeny washer and dryer here in the RV and had them both going at the same time as well as our A/C. Well I blew the breaker. Turns out we had to replace the entire box. Needless to say, that was a 4 p.m. and we finally got electricity back at about 3 a.m. WHEW! Hubby ended up taking me to play Bingo while we were waiting for it cool down and we had some fun! 🙂

I was able to get a few layout created this week for Faithful Scrapper in Kaufman. I love the ones that I created and hope that my customers do as well. It’s sad when they are asking when new ones are coming out because there are literally NONE available! LOL!

Today, I taught two classes as well. I taught the monthly layout class and then I also taught my Envelope Mini Album. I loved having them back to back like that and it was nice to meet a lot of new people. Only one person out of all the ladies had ever taken my class before so it was awesome! I sure hope I get to see some of them again at future classes. {If you are interested in a kit, please contact Amy at Faithful Scrapper. I have a few of each left. The instructions are available for purchase by going to the links above.}

As you can tell, life has been crazy. I have managed to fit in some scrapbooking time and am so happy for it. In fact right now I’m waiting for paint to dry on one of my Kid’s Camp samples! It’s so cute! 🙂 I have 4 to make and need to get finished with them on Tuesday. Whew! Then I have already scheduled my classes through October at Faithful Scrapper and just got asked this past week to teach my “Magic of Oz” mini album at Scrapville in Greenville, TX where I made the Design Team! I am loving life right now. Getting to design with great products and teaching them far and wide. Who knows where I will be next!

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