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Harold’s ABC Card Making Kit (and cards)

Yesterday, I was needing to make a card for my landlord to send the rent in (it’s a joke that we have started) and I wanted to just make something Fall but also fun.  I came up with these cute Happy Fall Y’all cards and I totally love them! 🙂  I also created a YouTube video while making the first one so and would love for you to watch it and leave me a comment (you can leave a comment on the blog as well ;).

Well to make things even better, I have two kits available in my Etsy shop for the stamp set and 10 card blanks. I have also listed other stamp set collections up there as well and hope that you will take part in purchasing them.

Remember when you purchase items at the same time, you save money on shipping because you get reduced shipping on the following items.  If there is more than $1 in shipping overpaid, I will refund the difference.  I work hard to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and use the good ole’ USPS and test things before I list them so hopefully that won’t have to happen to often.

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