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Measurement Mayhem with the Halflings in Action

This time of year so many of us are in what I like to call “Review Mode“. We are reviewing the skills we have covered all year, prepping for end of the year testing, trying to use every minute of the day to be educational while thinking in the back of our mind how many days are left on the countdown to Summer. Am I Right?

This is the PERFECT time of year to grab some interactive learning games to use with your students and let them show you what they know. Setting up work stations that students are able to rotate through during a week can even work in upper grades.

Think about it, give them a menu on Monday of the tasks they must complete that week. Throw in a few “extra” for those early finishers and over-achievers. Recording sheets from the activities, or even assignments, are due by the end of the week. With this you can monitor and facilitate mini-lessons throughout your math classes and easily assess skills of students as well as give them some time to talk with others as long as they stay on topic.

Recently I received some pictures from Mrs. Wheeler, one of my lovely customers, of her students using Measurement with the Halflings in class to review various measurement skills.


Measurement Mayhem with the Halflings includes:
– Table of Contents
– Teacher Directions
– Student Directions
– Learning Goal Poster
– 20 Differentiated Task Cards
– Student Recording Sheet
– Answer Key

The Differentiated Task Cards contain various levels of problems to stimulate all levels of learners reviewing measurement skills such as: conversions based on scale, converting customary measurements, multi-step problems, multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals.

 photo b57acb09-629b-4893-ad32-184804d98487_zps58a00372.jpg
I have been asked several times about the map that is included. I did create the map and TOTALLY love how Mrs. Wheeler added the map and directions to a File Folder for her work station.
 photo c3239abd-5f4e-4712-92ff-8986f548bfef_zps6357d356.jpg
So if your classroom is anything like mine always is this time of year, why not consider a Work Station Week where you can review skills to help make a solid foundation of your grade level concepts before next year!
If you are interested in grabbing Measurement Mayhem with the Halflings (Grades 4-6, $3.50) or it’s predecessor Problem Solving with the Halflings (Grades 4-6, $3.00), I would love to hear how you used them in your classroom (or even at home) as well.

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