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Friday Features- April 20th Edition

Another week has gone by and have so many great things to share with you this week! So sit back, grab your favorite drink and get ready to link! 🙂

1. Everyday Storyteller– I was blessed to be asked to contribute to a group of 33 Storytellers to collaborate to share ways to help tell your story. Believe me, everyone has a story and when you change your method of scrapping from capturing moments of events to telling stories, you will be AMAZED at the difference in your scrapbooking.

There are so many great contributors from Nancy Nally, Katrina Kennedy, Michelle Hernandez, Ashli Oliver, and Christine Newman to just name a few. Join the VIP list today to get in for the Launch Party of May 4th before the release. You will NOT want to miss out on this {there will be giveaways!}

2. Stipple Brushes– Earlier this week, I shared some tips on working with stencils in your scrapbooking. I have been using my stipple brush and am so in love! They are flawless! I definitely recommend these and am so happy I have finally added them to my stash.

I did find a great deal on Amazon for a pack of three of these Tsukineko brushes and can’t wait to snag these up too so I can have different sizes for more coverage.

3. Washi Tape– Just got in my order from Paper Issues with the Black Stripe Washi tape. I can’t wait to place another order for some more tape. Check out this mini grid/polka dot tape. So in love!

4. Glitter Girl’s Adventures– Each week Glitter Girl solves a problem that has been posted on the 2Peas Message Board. I loved this week’s video as it really talked a lot about composition and how to use the bolder prints in proportions. There was also a great download file to accompany.

5. Puppy Love Layout by Mettek on 2Peas- She has an amazing use of white space and color in all of her layouts and this one just popped out and grabbed me! I am in love!

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