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Foxy Roxie!

After getting my CTMH kit in the mail last week, I got started on creating some cute stuff. Now, I had a reason to make this card so it had to come first! Hi Michelle!

I found the tutorial from Angela {another CTMH rep} and wanted to use it with the new girly line Roxie and I think it turned out great!

This card takes a single sheet of B&T paper for the base, a strip for the band and then some cardstock to stamp your images on and place on the inside. So simple, yet SO fancy looking!

You can see Angela’s video here to follow the tutorial if you want to take a stab at making this card on your own. I would love if you would post links to them in your comments or over on my Facebook Page.:

If you are interested in purchasing the supplies that I used to make this card, here are the links:

-Workshop on the Go Roxie Kit (G1025)
-Instant Memories Stamp Set (C1466)
Bamboo Stamp Pad (Z2103)
-Tulip Stamp Pad (Z2166)
-Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114)

-Sponge (Z697)

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