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Cray-Cray & a Sale!

Oh my, until I started seeing my previous blog post pinned on Pinterest I had NO CLUE the images were upside down. I’ve gone in and edited them twice and it’s still that way so I guess that post has just gone CRAY-CRAY! I didn’t want to take the pics out because it shows the freebie being used so I decided to leave them and will try to reload them another day.

And because I am celebrating an AMAZING 2012, I’ve decided to celebrate with 15% off in both my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores through 12/12/12!

Hope you are having a great weekend. Maddy (the 4mulaFun mascot) is helping me finish up a Plate Tectonics Interactive Notebook Unit for my good friend Maura and working on more Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook lessons!

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