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Copic Storage Solution… FOUND!

I have been on the lookout for the “perfect” storage solution for my Copics {and other markers and writing utensils}. Hubs had received a notification on his Craigslist app that there was a local place that was clearing out various things and as I was interested in one of the metal crates {more on that later}, he went and looked for me while I was working.

While he was there, he came across an AMAZING Dr. Pepper bottling crate from 1970 that I fell in love with when he sent me a picture! {see below}

Well to say it needed some love was an understatement. I gave it thorough washing and let it dry out. The next step was to figure out how to cover the holes in the bottom where the boards didn’t meet all the way. I didn’t want my markers to fall through.

I didn’t want to attach anything to the box as I wanted to preserve it’s history so I had the idea of adding chipboard into the bottom of the crate because once the markers were in the pieces would stay in place. Hubby gladly recycled and cut up a Cheerios box and placed it in the bottom one night while I was teaching at the community college. I came home to it in all it’s glory and my markers organized by the hubs! So thoughtful!

I love how it now looks all finished and I can definitely see I need MORE markers!

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