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A new way to follow….

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As Google Friend Connect is being phased out by the end of the month, I want to make sure that all of my readers have a way to follow my blog in a way that suites them.

If you are like me then I take the link from the blog and put it in Google Reader to subscribe to all of the blogs that I read. That doesn’t work for all and I know that.

I have recently added a Google+ page for the site and you have the ability to follow along in the right hand side.

Once I found out about Linky Followers, a new program, I joined in on that as well. I have some followers there that are using that for their way to reading the blog. Feel free to join them as many people are using this now instead of Google Friend Connect.

Yesterday, a dear friend asked me about being able to get email updates. I had never thought of that as I don’t follow via email anywhere else. I am happy to announce that I have now set up an RSS feed to email just for you! Simply follow the link to the form below and voila! 🙂

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