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CCC: August Club Colors

Another month is on us and I am loving this color combination that I have chosen! Many of you have been asking for blues and I moved some things around to bring them up for this month.

So without further ado, the colors for August are:

August CCC Colors

B000- Pale Porcelain Blue
B01- Mint Blue
B34- Manganese Blue
BG07- Petroleum Blue

I am in LOVE with these colors and they are so wonderful together. 🙂 The other color that I would have loved to have added was B06- Peacock Blue as it would shade SO nicely!

Many of you took the time to fill out the Copic Club survey that I sent last month. I do appreciate that VERY much! I have chosen one of the people that participated and will be sending you a Copic Swatchbook with your CCC order this month. The lucky winner is:


Kathy Torres!

Also, the results of the survey was 4-8, with the majority of you wanting to jump up to 5 markers. As of the August 5th invoice, you will see an increase in the club from $20 to $26 including FREE shipping. (Add on markers will be $4.75 each and shipping will only go up $1 until you reach 10 markers. Ten to thirty markers will only be an added $2.50 shipping.)

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