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Back At It!

Thank you for your patience this week ladies (and gents… yes, you Marty!). I have been away for the past two days at a teaching conference where I presented about Math instruction in the upper-elementary grades. But anyways, enough with that.

Update on my foot… I went back to a podiatrist yesterday before I left (a new one) and he wasn’t really pleased with the previous diagnosis, or lack of, so since the “POP” was heard again this past Saturday and I have been in dire pain since, he has put me in a much taller boot. It goes to my knee and makes my left leg completely immobile. UGH! I got in tomorrow for a High-Resolution Open MRI to get a better look at what is going on. He is concerned about the nerves in my foot as well as the inflammation. This does mean that surgery could be a possibility in the near future.

With me being out for the last two days, we have a ton of boxes that are going to be going out tomorrow! This includes the new Graphic 45 Collection: Hallowe’en in Wonderland! Now, those that didn’t get this in on Pre-Order… I have ordered more paper pads and they will be in next week! You can go snatch yours up now!

Also, if you hadn’t seen on Facebook, I placed the order for Graphic 45 Debutante and Staples this week! WOO HOO! It is now on the site here! It is supposed to be shipping the second week of August per my G45 rep.

Also if you weren’t in the UStream on Monday night (it is recorded), all of the Prima that I have Pre-Ordered is also now up for order.

If you put any pre-order items in with in-stock items, they will ship once the pre-order items come in. If you would like for the in-stock/back-ordered items to ship sooner, please submit a separate order.

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