Are You In?

Rarely do I post personal things on my blog as I use it mainly for my creative stuff but I wanted to take some time and talk about what I am doing beginning October 1st, 2011.

I am taking on a No Sweets Challenge for the month of October. I mean no candy, no cookies, no cakes, no pies, no brownies, no ice cream, no anything that is a sweet!

I know that many people think I am totally crazy for doing this during the month of October since it is the start of Fall and the month of Halloween, but I think that it is perfect! It is jump starting me as we head into the Holiday Season and will also help me with a jump in my weight loss.

I have a goal of being down 50 lbs by Christmas and I have been at 30-35 lbs for the past month. I know that sticking with this goal will get me where I want to be in the next three months.

So my question for you, are you ready to take the step and join in with me? I have a few peeps on Twitter {CraftyB and StampinLibby} who are joining with me and I am excited about this.

4 thoughts on “Are You In?”

  1. Jennifer…last September I gave up candy and soda. Just celebrated my one year anniversary!! It was such a challenge since I don’t care about chocolate but the “junky” halloween candy is my favorite. But, I have not swayed…not once. Slight disclaimer…it was “candy” not sweets, and although there are no exceptions to soda, I do allow “toppings” on frozen yogurt…as long as it can be mixed, or incorporated into the yogurt…so, gummy bears are out! LOL
    Good luck with this…I survived and have entered year 2!

    • Thank you so much for the support and knowing that someone else has done it and “survived” makes it that much more motivating to do this!


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