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8 Awesome Pi Day Activities!

While I am on Spring Break this week, so many of you around the states (and beyond) aren’t and with that you have the pleasure of being able to celebrate Pi Day on Friday! I am BEYOND jealous and with that I have scoured the web for some great Pi Day Activities. I have created a Pi Day board on Pinterest where I have been sharing them over the past few weeks and it is definitely getting a bit of buzz.
Pi Day Activities
While looking up resources, I chose a group of 8 that I know I would love to use in my classroom. Why 8? Well 3 + 1 + 4 = 8 and yea, that’s how my math brain works. He he!:) So without any further ado I share with you the 8 Pi Day Activities ready for use in your classroom.
Pi Day Roundup
You can find links to each of these resources below to use in your classroom.
MissMathDork's Facebook Giveaway
And if you are really excited about Pi Day, go enter in the giveaway that MissMathDork is holding on her Facebook Fan Page looking for all of your photos of Pi Day events.

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