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23 Math Websites for Middle School Students

list of math websitesFinding the right tools to engage your students, assess their progress, and close learning gaps is one of the most important jobs of a teacher. Websites and online applications can be a great resource to help reinforce concepts and help students gain mastery of skills and standards especially during Math Workshop. After asking in my Surviving Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Math (for Teachers) Facebook Group what the best online math websites for middle school math were, we came up with quite an extensive list of not only options but also why these platforms are appealing to them and their students. Here are some great online math resources that were shared with us that you might find beneficial for your own students.

Online Math Reinforcement Platforms

Prodigy – This free site is a huge hit with teachers and students love the video game style experience as they get in practice on their math skills. The benchmarks for each student are customized by ability level, as well as state and grade level standards. Teachers can track the progress of students with free reports that are autogenerated when students plat. The game has a magic-based theme and fun characters that keep kids engaged as they learn.

Khan Academy – Another great free site that teachers use in their classrooms for helping to reinforce concepts with lower level students, plus offer more challenging material to those with stronger math abilities. Video instruction helps to explain topics and give quick answers to students when needed. Some teachers assign topics as homework to help students prepare for the next day’s lesson.

Freckle – This site is a great reinforcement resource for differentiation and allows teachers to track the progress of their students as they make their way through ability-appropriate lessons. However, some find that the themes of the site are a bit juvenile, so it may not be as engaging for all middle school level students.

Aleks – This subscription-based service links to certain textbooks and allows students to build on skills that they are learning in the classroom. It features an artificially intelligent learning system which evaluates students and their mastery of concepts and tailors instruction to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual child. It also features an RTI program which teachers find helpful.

MobyMax – This site will evaluate students with placement testing, then base their lessons to help them close learning gaps. The site is free to use but offers a paid license that opens up additional features to expand its capabilities.

Edulastic -Within this free resource, you can create assessments based on learning levels or you can use pre-made versions, all of which align with standards. It integrates with Google Classroom, which helps to streamline the process and gives students easier access. Progress can be measured individually for immediate feedback or displayed head to head to bring a fun, competitive component to math mastery.

BrainGenie – Allows teachers to set up the concepts in the units they are teaching as goals for student practice in class or at home. There are competitive applications within the concepts which are appealing to students. Data is compiled on student progress so that teachers can see where gaps need to be managed.  

Quiz Maker Applications

Kahoot – Make it simple to get in review, especially during testing periods, with quick, custom quizzes. Students enjoy the fun competition that naturally pops up while using this site.

Quizizz – Similar to Kahoot, this site allows you to create quizzes that students can use to review concepts. It can be accessed via apps on phones and tablets for use at home as well as in the classroom.

KnowledgeHook – Another fun, custom quiz program that allows students to compete game show style as they get in practice with current concepts. There are additional accessories and tools, including submitting photos that can be reviewed in class.

Additional Math Websites for Middle School

Want even more online math websites for middle school that can be used in the classroom? Here are a few more that were mentioned in conversation with the teachers we asked about favorite websites to use to help students improve their mastery in middle school math.

  • Cool Math 4 Kids – This site has lots of free games that help with practicing different concepts.
  • IXL – This standard based site helps track progress and provides activities that will help to close gaps in learning.
  • SolveMeHelps students get practice in solving equations in a fun and engaging way that is appealing to students.
  • BreakoutEdu – Creates escape room style games for students to play that helps to put math concepts into practice.
  • Solving the Outbreak –  This CDC-created problem solving app includes lots of graphs and charts to help with math enrichment.
  • Math Antics – Free video lessons on this site teach a variety of concepts and subscription options give access to additional materials.
  • MathGames – Provide students with a variety of online games or create custom worksheets that can be used in class.
  • Quia – Set up assessments and quizzes or allow students to play fun games that help to reinforce concepts and standards.
  • Superteacher Tools – This site has a number of great resources for teachers, including math games, countdown timers, spinners for games, and more.
  • Flocabulary – This engaging site uses hip-hop music to teach concepts and provides fun activities and assessment tools to help students gain mastery.
  • WootMath – Find out what your students are learning and where the need a little extra help with the activities on this practice and assessment resource.
  • Nearpod – Use this site to provide students with interactive lessons and keep them engaged as they work to master math concepts.
  • Mathletics – This standards-based math platform combines student-led and teacher-based instruction to help propel students toward mastery of many concepts.

After looking through all of these math websites for middles school you are sure to find something that will work for ALL of your students no doubt! Did you find any that were new to you? Are you looking forward to incorporating a new one in your classroom this year?

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