14 Fantastic Flippables Round Up

I get questions regularly asking me for new ideas and examples of on flippables to use in the classroom for various subjects. I have been doing well about keeping some of my favorites on my Flippables and Interactive Notebooks Pinterest Board but I’m sure that many are still out there that I haven’t seen yet.

There have been a LOT of great flippables out there on blogs lately and I have compiled a list of 14 Fantastic Flippables for you to check out!

14 Fantastic Flippables with 4mulaFun

Credits in order from left to right, top to bottom. Check them out by clicking the links below and leave some love!

1. Customary Conversions Flippables (video)- Pirate Donut Designs

2. Types of Angles Flippable – Runde’s Room

3. Square Roots Flippable – J. Critzer

4. Transformers – No Credit Available

5. Equivalent Fractions Flippable – ESOL Odyssey

6. Pop Up Bar Graphs – Runde’s Room

7. Adding and Subtracting with Number Lines – No Credit Available

8. Factoring Polynomials Flippable – Secondary Miss Rudolph

9. Properties of a Circle Flippable– 4mulaFun

10. Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple – Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

11.Integers and Ordered Pairs – Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

12. Integer Operations Flippable– Hodges Herald

13. Special Angle Pairs – Journal Wizard

14. Quadratic Equations Solutions Flippable – Michelle Rinehart

Flippables and Interactive Notebooks Pinterest Board

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