12 on 12: March Edition

Did you stop and take 12 photos yesterday for the 12th? I joined into this project last month and I am so happy that I did. I was going through the day yesterday and being selective about what I took photos about for the most part because I wanted a true representation of my day. Ready for a photo walk?

Take 1: Time to Wake Up
Take 2: Boots and Jeans kind of day
Take 3: With DST just cast, I wake up to just the guard light to lead me to my car out on the ranch.
Take 4: Being a FLEX Day at school, I do a lot of computer work while my students are doing the same.
Take 5: Texting with hubby as he is running errands in town.
Take 6: Facebook Chat with a friend from Maine who might be moving back while at lunch.
Take 7: Healthy Lunch of Hummus, Special K crackers, Special K bar and an orange. YUMMY!
Take 8: Uploading photos to Persnickety. Need to have them ready to order on payday.
Take 9: Run to the post office to pick up some Amazon packages.
Take 10: A little evening reading while hubby ran to take care of friends farm animals and run to the store.
Take 11: Feeding the Queen after giving her a bath. She is eating for a few right now.
Take 12: Finished up a layout to play along with Shimelle's Starting Point.

Did you play along with 12 on 12? I can’t wait to add these to my order over at Persnickety and get them in to scrap them! I’m going to do something a bit different with these photos and can’t wait!

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