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Weekend Wrap-Up: April 20th-22nd

Last week definitely had its highs and lows so I was so ready to start this weekend despite the many things that were going to be done.

Friday night after school we had our yearly dance. As the Student Council sponsor, I was completely in charge of making things happen and just pray that they work correctly. The DJ was great {like expected}, the kids had a blast and after dancing with them in my boot, I was WORN OUT!

Since hubby got to leave work early, I met him for dinner at our favorite restaurant in town and we had a great time. Our friends even met us there after their date night for a drink.

Saturday morning I woke up with an urge to hand-stitch on a layout. Little did I know that my stitching would take me about four hours to get it all done. I’m not sure I will take on such a BIG project any time soon. LOL! {The rest of this layout will be coming up on Wednesday with step by step!}

While I was scrapbooking, I decided to also pull my Cameo out of the box! I am so happy with this purchase and I’ve only used it a handful of times so far!

Time came for me to load up the puppies and Jake to go pick up Michael so we could head off to Bluebonnet Trail outside of Ennis, Texas. We found a great spot that was shaded and were able to get some quick pics in with all of the puppies and Jake.

Since we had the puppies and were already almost to my dad’s deer camp, we headed on down to chat for a bit. He got to see and hold his puppy, Newt, for the first time and seeing the love he had for him was just amazing. My dad never let us have dogs growing up so to see him so interested in getting a great dog for himself totally amazed me.

On the way home we tried out a new place called Taco Shop and although I didn’t get a picture, I will tell you it was AMAZING! The tacos and burritos were so fresh and yummy! We will definitely be going back when we make the trek down there.

Sunday woke up to needing to finish my layout. I was happy to see it’s completion and move on to working on assembling my Week In The Life that starts today. I put together a video to show all that I pre-made for this week and can’t wait to fill it in soon. I am going to simply print everything as wallets at Walmart so I can get it quick and then just trim down as needed.

Worked on lots of laundry and cleaning up here and there this weekend. We have 25 days until A comes to live with us and have a lot to get accomplished in that time. Hubby was so nice to grill for us last night and it was SO YUMMY!

Here’s to a great week coming up and I hope you and yours had a great weekend as well.

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