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Who is Math Dad?

Over the past few months you may have seen a new image finding it’s way on some of my products. If you thought was just another Melondheadz you wouldn’t be completely wrong. As of this summer my father has started to work for me here at 4mulaFun. Not only is he a great dad but he is also a wonderful math teacher (I might be biased).


MathDad has been teaching since I was a Freshman in high school (1995 to be exact). He actually did his observation hours in my Eighth Grade Algebra class back in 1994. It was kind of nice getting to go home with him at the end of the day since my Algebra class was 6th period and I had some random class after that. As you can probably guess teaching wasn’t his first profession but he has always been a numbers man. He came from a background of working in finance at a few different corporations for the first 17 years after college before deciding to make the change to the classroom.


After MathDad was teaching for awhile he went back to achieve his Master’s Degree in Mathematics. I’m thinking the advanced degrees run in the family just as much as the love of numbers do because my sister (in the picture above) and I both have our Master’s Degrees as well (Library Science and Curriculum and Instruction respectively).

Over the past 19 years, MathDad has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus in the middle school and high school settings. He is now also adding college professor to his resume as he teaches math to adults in an accelerated program and loves it.

MathDad is here to stay at 4mulaFun as he helps develop materials for Algebra through Calculus. He told me this past week that after he finishes the Algebra Interactive Notebook, Pre-Calculus is next!

Feel free to email MathDad with any of your Secondary Math requests, comments, etc.


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