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Where did the year go?

Every year about this time I start wondering where did the school year go. It never ceases to amaze me the things that we can fit into the last few weeks, or even days, to keep our students engaged. I’ve been doing some blog and TpT stalking and have found some activities I am sure that you (and your students) will LOVE!

Getting Ready For Summer

Each of these products have a certain place in your classroom and are very easy to implement because we all know at this time of the year you have NO TIME TO WASTE!


These Summer Word Problems are great for 3rd-5th graders to help polish up their word problem skills as they finish off the year. They are totally themed with various things that are perfect for the season to keep students engaged while they are showing their work!


If you are anything like me, you are always looking for something to review measurement, time and all things real-world with your students. The Length of a School Year Project is a perfect culmination of reviewing skills from the entire school year all in one great project. With the graphic organizers, calendars and more you have everything you need all ready!


Do you need to create something that can be differentiated for each of your groups? The Beach Bum Relay is perfect for using with any topic and will keep your students engaged while also creating an adorable beach themed picture.


All kiddos LOVE to color and by creating different activities to allow them to show off their skills in the I Love Math Coloring Activity, you can create a slew of posters to decorate your walls, hallway and more!


And if you are looking for your students to reflect on their school year to remember beyond when they leave your doors, grab the Outside the Box Project for students to “Box Up their Year” in a fun and engaging way!

How many days do you have left to keep your students engaged and on task? Yep, we all know it’s like herding cattle some days when the kiddos are ready for summer! 🙂

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