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Where did the week go?

In the past week:

– I got bit by seasonal allergies… YUCK!
– Rita hosted Live with Live.Teach.Create Episode #3
– We went over 1000 subscribers on YouTube (currently 1011) and uploaded our 191st Video!
– I got caught up on all pending orders at Live.Teach.Create and have many new products coming in (check out the video for the latest).
– I did two days at work without my walking boot. Had some pain but it was worth it for the satisfaction of knowing that it will be possible.
– Went to the Foot Specialist this morning, he doesn’t think what I have it RSD but more of just a Nerve Issue, gave me a shot of Cortizone in my arch, and put me in a lace-up walking cast to wear with my boot and a schedule to follow for taking my boot off. WOO HOO!

Now, what’s new with you? What projects have you been working on? Are you ready for a Spooky Live.Teach.Create challenge for October? I will be filming a new series of a mini album here soon. Check it out soon over on YouTube!

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