What is Steampunk to You?

How: Just post a link to your video or photos in the comment section of this blog post.
What: “What is Steampunk?” Contest
When: 12:01AM Thursday 29 July 10 through 11:59PM Wednesday 4 Aug 10.
Where: www.LiveTeachCreate.com
Why: Free stuff, duh! (To be more exact: an 8×8 Steampunk Debutante Paper Pad)

You will have one week exactly to create and submit project of any kind (layout, mini-album, or an altered project) for judging of what Steampunk is. Judging will be 100% opinion based by me, Michael of LTC (it is my freebie I’m giving away as the prize. Just be glad it isn’t Wonderland and you don’t have to do climb in a rabbit hole!)

To help point you in the right direction, here are three links to give you some creative ideas and inspiration, with hundreds more listed between the three:
Steampunk Workshop
What is Steampunk?

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