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Weekend Wrap-Up!

So hubby came down a day early this week and it made for a 3-day weekend with him although I had to work on Friday.

Friday was wonderful waking up together as we rarely get to do that. Normally one of us is up first and already downstairs doing stuff when the other wakes up. 🙂 After work that day I got to come home and get a few things done before hubby came home from job hunting and running errands. I had bought tickets to see the Texas Stars on Friday night so we had the game to go to at the new Cedar Park Center. So we were off to the game and had a good time after quite a few snafus in the beginning. If you are in the Austin area and plan to go, message me about seating and I will give you the low-down before you buy a ticket. 🙂 After the game we were thirsty and ended up at the grocery store to only get some drinks as there was NOTHING in the house. We ended up coming home with $80 worth of groceries (only paid $54 though). Sleep time came and went.

Saturday was the day to pick up our Angel Food for the month and because I wasn’t wanting to wake up that morning we were running late. OOPS! Made it just in time but then they were out of one of our boxes. They offered to buy it all and then bring it to us later this week. WOOT! I had seen signs for a craft fair at the local high school so we went and walked through. Only spent $1 but met some nice local Etsians! 🙂 Got some ideas for some new products to be bringing to my Etsy and can’t wait to get started on those as it REALLY excites me! 🙂 Went on about running errands for the rest of the day, left my purse at the Just Desserts and didn’t realize until we were across town and had to drive ALL THE WAY back! UGH! Did get a trip to Joann‘s snuck in there for their Moonlight Madness Sale that included 60% off flannel! Got fabric to make Michael’s stocking and some wonderful pillowcases and blankets! 🙂 We went to Hooters for dinner and watched Texas beat up on Mizzou! GO HORNS! And after that we went to Alamo Drafthouse for a late showing of Law Abiding Citizen. OH MY HECK! I was seriously traumatized by parts of the movie. Don’t get me wrong it was a good movie but holy heck it wasn’t what I was expecting from the trailer I saw. Came home and took 2 Advil PM so I could sleep without nightmares.

Sunday became a day to sleep in until almost 11 am! Regular morning ritual of Eggos and coffee with the honey! We have done it every weekend we have been down here since we moved in. It’s been great! Spent a lot of time at the apartment today cleaning and straightening things up as well as just chatting with the hubby. After catching up on a new show on Hulu, I took the hubby to the bus station for him to catch the bus back to Dallas.

What a weekend…

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