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Vegas Bound for a week!

Another week, another destination it seems this summer. As I’m writing this blog post I’m flying over Utah from Salt Lake to Vegas and I’m beyond excited! Why? Ts week I will be exhibiting at the SDE Differentiated Instruction (and I Teach Kinder and I Teach First) as well as presenting at the FIRST EVER Teachers Pay Teachers Conference.
While exhibiting and presenting are second nature for me, I am most excited about meeting my blogging besties and fellow Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. There are over 700 of us attending the Teachers Pay Teachers conference and roughly 5,000 expected for the SDE Conferencea! Holy heck that is some serious people meeting!
Wednesday night is our BIG Teacher Blogger Meetup so definitely be watching on Instagram and Facebook  for posts with the #bloggermeetup14 to check out all of the pictures. I just hope I am able to meet everyone and don’t miss some of my peeps!
Friday is the TpT conference and I don’t even know what to expect. I am attending some sessions (can’t remember which right now) and then I am presenting about creating Sensational Secondary Resources and that really excites me because it is what I love!
And an unknown secret, because you have read this far, this week I am marking my store on SALE for 15% off! Yep, I love y’all and want you to have time to work with the resources before the school year stats and I know for many of you that time is precious! The sale will be Tuesday  through Friday so make sure you grab what you need because this I’ll be my last sale for awhile.
And yes, I’m still on the flight from Salt Lake and I’ve been listening to this 4 year old scream bloody murder two rows in front of me since I boarded and we still have 32 minutes to go! Peace be with me and thank goodness for headphones!

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