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UStream News!

As some of you probably heard on Sunday night during our weekly Skinny Dippin’ on The Scrap Beach UStream, this coming Sunday will be my last night to host from The Scrap Beach site.

Starting September 5th, I will be hosting from my the Live.Teach.Create UStream from 7pm-9pm Central. This is an hour earlier than normal time but I want to be able to get off and ready for work in a decent hour.

We are revamping all that we will be doing and I am so excited about the things that we have already put in place! It is totally amazing. Each week we will have a “Featured Manufacturer” each week and that not only means that we will be using their products that week but also a fabulous giveaway.

I am so excited as one of the giveaways just came in and I want to keep it for myself. I will be updating the calendar on UStream each week so you can see who will be on the following week. We will also be publishing it on our blog with a picture of the giveaway.

So, what do you think? Are you as excited as I am?

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