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Using up Scraps

This week Melissa Stinson, also known as ScrappyJedi, has had a tribute of posts going up about ways to use up your scraps. After looking at my scrap stash and seeing how overflowing it is, I decided to jump in and combine her challenges with a video that Shimelle Laine had posted in the Cover to Cover class this week.

The first thing I did was pull out some of the scraps from my bin. I wanted to start small so I didn’t grab them all since I just didn’t have enough room for all of them in my small space. I used my trimmer and began to cut random different strips, squares and rectangles from the papers.

After I had cut all of my scraps that I chose down to sizes that I knew I could work with, I went through and sorted them into three piles. The three piles were:

1. Long strips (less than 3″ wide and longer than 6″)

2. Squares

3. Rectangles (anything of a rectangular shape or a strip less than 6″)

From there, I had a good basis on where to begin so I began to play with my scraps to make scrapbook pages. I knew I would love what I created because I loved the papers enough to make scraps out of them so it was a win-win situtation.

I have a few different layouts I’m working on right now and will have them up to share with you this week.

And since Aretha is growing so much, I thought I would share a photo that I shot this morning of her. She is now 7 1/2 weeks old and so fluffy and adorable.

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