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Update: Foot, Doctors and More

Many of you know that 7 weeks ago, I hurt my foot. I have been in a walking boot for this time and trying to take it easy. Uhh… I’m a teacher and I own a business… NOT very easy!

Originally, my doctor took x-rays and told me that I had torn the ligaments in my foot. He prescribed medication to help alleviate the pain which I couldn’t take at work so I only took it on nights as needed. The side note was that there was an image on my x-ray and they didn’t know what it was. I waited two weeks alone to figure out that I have a bone island on my left foot. That basically is an extra bone in my foot.

So what makes me original is I have 207 bones in my body and not the usual 206. 🙂

Fast forward 5 1/2 weeks, I was able to get into the specialist (Podiatrist) who took more x-rays to check it out and then did a flex and pain test. My foot was (wnd still is) highly sensitive at times. Other times it is perfectly fine with no pain. He suspected that I ruptured my plantar fascia ligament and referred me to get an MRI.

On Saturday, I got the MRI done and was able to get some nice images of my foot (as well as a quick nap). They gave me the images before I left and told me that my doctor would be in contact with us soon. I got a call late yesterday afternoon and was told that it seems as if my foot is healing on it’s own and we are doing good.

I am pleased to hear this but will still be in my boot for the next 2-5 weeks. I have another appointment with the podiatrist for a follow-up so we will be able to make sure we are progressing.

Just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on in the world according to Jenn.

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