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Time’s Running Out!

August is coming to a close and what does that mean? Well, hopefully it will mean that cooler temperatures are on their way but I can’t confirm that. What I can tell you is that the end of the month means the end of a great promotion with Close To My Heart.

The great new Stamp of the Month program changed with the most recent idea book and you can now get the SOTM for only $5 with a $50 order. They are adding on a FREE Typeset Alpha with an order of this for this month only!

Now to add a little extra oomph for National Stamping Month, and this does go through September 30th, for any $75 you will receive a Double D-sized Pair-A-Phrase Stamp set for FREE! This is a $35.90 value. Totally amazing stamps!

At this time of the month, my online site might get a little busy and if you experience any difficulties, please feel free to email me {liveteachcreate @} your order no later than Wednesday around noon so that I can get it in that night when I get home from work.

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