Thankful and Grateful

This time of year we all start thinking of the many things that we are thankful for and how they have touched our lives. I, like many others, have been participating with the Facebook Frenzy of posting what we are Thankful for each day.

I am Thankful for

This year, I have been truly blessed in many ways and for that I am thankful.

1. I was able to take a leave from my full-time teaching job and have been working for myself as a presenter and differentiated curriculum creator. I am absolutely loving what I do each day and the stories I hear from teachers tell me I am doing what is right for me right now.

2. Being able to move back to town where I am closer to my family was definitely a good thing as my mother went through chemotherapy for a diagnosis of cancer this Spring/Summer and has now been diagnosed in remission.

3. Starting to truly plan the future of our family and we have a plan in place with goals through 2015. This excites me that hubby and I are so communicative and on the same page.

4. All of the support that I have seen teachers around the globe give through trying times in our nation. I have been apart of many different collections of items that help to raise money for teachers and families and need and it truly inspires me to keep on in life because it has restored my faith in society.

and last but not least…

5. I am thankful for my family. Big or small we have what we need. Hubby and I are both healthy, we have a shelter for our dogs as well as us, we have food in our kitchen and are now at a point where we can give back. Last week while taking him out to see a movie for his birthday we were both touched by a commercial prior to the movie about donating to the Variety Children’s Charity there in the movie theater. Needless to say as soon as we left, they received our donation.

Now that I am tearing up once again, I think it is time to go spend some time with the family. Several of the All Things Upper Elementary Collaborators are sharing today what they are Thankful for so please check out our blog to see each of those posts.

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