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Tattered Angels Sale!

Are you ready for it? This is the BIGGEST sale that Live.Teach.Create has EVER had and I am sure that you will love it. In light of all the rain that we have been gettin in Texas, we are offering a MISTY sale! This sale is for 25% off ALL Tattered Angels Products when you use the code TA25LTC. The sale starts today, September 9th and will end September 15th. Get your orders in early for greatest chance of fill.

Breakdown: LTC Price on Glimmer Mist: $5.50 Price with Coupon: $4.12 That’s a savings of $1.38 per bottle!

Now for the fine print:
The discount is only good on Tattered Angels products and only if you use the code. Any item that is not in stock will be ordered and your order will be held until it arrives as with all other orders.

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