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Finding Gaps to Fill in Math

When I wrote the original post about Changing Students Thinking About Math, I never realized the feedback that I would get. Not only did I receive comments but also had emails and people asking me questions on my Facebook Fan Page. Wow, I hit a topic that people wanted more

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Are you interested in using Interactive Notebooks in your classroom but struggling with how you might fit it all in in a small 45 or 90 minute time block? After years of doing it in both time spans I am here to share with you some easy, actionable tips and strategies for effectively teaching with Interactive Notebooks without fail.

Taking Time for INBs

After receiving several questions lately on how I fit Interactive Notebooks into a classroom on a regular basis, I thought it would be good to repost this. I posted this back on June 15th, 2013 at All Things Upper Elementary. *************   Last month I brought up planning as what

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Relating Students to Word Problems

Think about this… If you had the choice, and the time, to read any book of your choosing would it be one you were truly interested in or one that you had no feeling for? most of us would choose the one we would appreciate and relate to from prior

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Exit Tickets in the Classroom

Exit Tickets have come to be very popular over the past few years of teaching. I remember back when I was in high school we had a lot of “end of period quizzes” that could be considered roughly the same thing as they were allowing teachers to assess what we

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Left Side Versus Right Side for INBs

Over time I have read many articles and blog posts about the use of Left Side and Right Side working in an Interactive Notebook. Some of you may be looking at me right now asking yourself, “What the frak is Jenn talking about now?” Check out a few views on

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Similar Figures Mini Book

This week we extended our unit on Proportionality to cover Similar Figures. On Tuesday/Wednesday we made a 3 page Mini Book covering all the various parts of Similar Figures. We also learned that NEW word that I’ve been teasing about…. SCALE FACTOR!  The outside of our book contained our title

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