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Implementing Math Workshop for Back to School

Last month I had the absolute privilege of speaking to over 400 3-8th grade teachers at CAMT 2019 about Setting up Math Workshop for Success in two sessions. Not only was this year the absolute best I’ve ever presented, but the 3-5th grade session was so packed that we had

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3 Ways to Differentiate Connect Four

When creating my latest set of activities, Connect Four, for various topics I created a very easy to follow set of directions that made it the same throughout all of the downloads so that you could implement them easily into your classroom. After working with the Connect Four games with

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Free Halloween Math

Treats Are Up For Grabs!

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know that our students get SO EXCITED when it arrives! Long gone are the days when we get to do much celebrating in the classroom but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do a fun activity to make the day a

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Teach Me About Math Workshop!

Looking for all the latest about using Math Workshop in the Middle Grades? Join today and grab the FREE Editable Math Workshop Sheets and all of the great emails to come your way!