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Setting Up Interactive Notebooks with Video

Setting Up Interactive Notebooks from the Beginning

Time and time again I am asked numerous questions about Interactive Notebooks because people know that I not only LOVE INBs but I have been using them, creating them and training other teachers on them for the better part of the past decade. Recently one of my Facebook Group members

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Proportions are my FAVORITE thing!

Recently I asked on my Facebook page what teachers favorite thing to teach were and while the answers were as varied as those who responded, I got a lot of questions about why proportions were my FAVORITE thing to teach. When I began teaching middle school I was reminded of

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Ratios and Proportions

All About Ratios and Intro to Proportions

This past week we have been working hard and heavy on understanding ratios to build a strong basis for proportions. We ended the week with an intro to proportions and starting solving them from word problems. My students continue to amaze me with what they are capable of that I

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