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Creating the Summer Away

Just wanted to jump on and update all that I am busy working away on my wedding album and am almost done with it. I had a blog post ready for today but due to being at the library and hubby having the laptop, I am at the mercy of their computer and wordpress doesn’t work well with Internet Explorer and I can’t download things.

I have been also catching up on blogs lately and trying to leave comments as much as I can from my phone without eating up all my data.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog post by Campfire Cam and she stated one that really made me re-think about how I read blogs. Make the title speak for the post. If it doesn’t draw someone in {since most of us are reading on some sort of reader or via email}, then your readership will be low. Take an extra moment to create a title that will draw the reader in.

This is crucial and it’s something I tell my newspaper students all the time, “If the title is boring, the reader will assume the article is boring.”

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