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Success in Secondary Linky Party!

The rules are simple…

1. You should only link up activities for 6th-12th grades.
2. You may link up to 2 paid items and 1 FREE item during each Linky Party.
3. Follow the “Rule of 3” and leave a comment on three other items that people have posted. Some will be linked up to TpT and not a blog and that’s okay.

But wait, I want to share with you my new banner for my TpT Store as well! It was SO EASY to make and I would love to see yours if you make one (just leave a comment below and I will check it out!)

I have been following Sweetly Scrapped’s blog for ages and she just posted an amazing set of new shop banners that you are able to use for free!

Check her blog post out at

Here is what I did to make it all pretty all with basic stuff on you a PC:

1. Save the picture that you like (Right Click- Open in New Tab- Save Image As)
2. Open the picture up in Paint and create a Text Box for your message
3. Save the file.
4. Open the File up in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
5. Select Edit Picture at the top.
6. Select Resize on the right hand side.
7. Enter in 768 x 90 in the Custom Width and Height Section and then Save once again.
8. Upload to TpT and wait for it to be approved!

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