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Stacks of Stories..

After the first day of the new Cover to Cover class by Shimelle Laine, our homework was to look into our system of photos, pages and albums and determine how we would describe it.

I knew at home that I had the lovely stack above of layouts that I have created over the past few months that was definitely stacking up. I took this stack and made three smaller stacks which were: wedding, travel and other. The reason I made these stacks as they are my dedicated albums. I have been working on scrapping my wedding and various travels over the course of the past three years and want to keep them all separate from our daily life as do I want to do the same for our wedding.

Now over the course of doing this I have learned a few things for each set of layouts.

1. In my travel layouts, I am noticing that some of my trips are almost done and loved being able to read back over the stories of trips when Michael and I had just begun.

2. In my wedding layouts, I am noticing that there are stories that have been told multiple times and need to be moved on. I am working on compiling a list now of all the stories I want told to complete the album and make it “whole” but never “finished”.

3. In my pile of “other” layouts, I am finding unfinished layouts that have a little here are other that need to be finished. Those are on the list before they get a new home.

The next plan for these is to finish up those that need little bits here and there and then put each stack in chronological orders so that I can place it in the album that it needs to go in correctly. I think that was a lot for one night of “homework” although I’m pretty good for Day 2 because I already have my photos printed.

So let me know, what state are your finished layouts in? In albums, stacks, in different stages of completion?

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