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Similar Figures and Indirect Measurement

Friday we wrapped up our unit on Similar Figures by working on Indirect Measurement. First thing we did was fill out our mini book Flippable with an example of Indirect Measurement of a Truffala tree (from the Lorax) and Max (from Where the Wild Things Are).   We discussed how to determine the height of something if knew the height and shadow length of another thing as well as the shadow of the figure.

After we did that together, we moved on to filling our jar on the different ways that we could use indirect measurements and came up with some great ideas. After that, the students then had to solve word problem about basketball courts.  Great and quick assessment to be able to determine if my students understood the concepts as well as having it in their INB as a resource!

Today was a review day since we have a quiz over our unit on Proportions tomorrow. As a review, each student had to come up with their own “Corny” Proportion. It had to be about them and include Candy!

After seeing my example of a proportional candy word problem, they got busy writing. Then after each student wrote their problem, they had to have it approved. Once approved, they went back to solve and decorate. Now, they got a bit of “inspiration” during this time as I passed around some Candy Corn to each student. What a fun way to finish up our unit on proportions.
I honestly can’t wait to snap pics of the proportions soon and share them with you. If you are interested in the Corny Proportions Activity you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Just finished grading my first class of quizzes and the class average was an 83 with only ONE failing grade and mainly because he didn’t show his work on 8 problems! WOO HOO! Happy dance for this teacher over here!
Ready to get on with grading some more! 🙂

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