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Scrapbooking 101: Part 4: Adhesives- Glue Glider Pro

This week I focused a little bit more on adhesives. Finding a tape runner that works for you is something that is very important in the world of scrapbooking and paper crafts. I have used many different ones in my 14 years of scrapbooking and this worked GREAT!

My Crafty Friend Jen also wrote a great review today on her blog of the Glue Glider Pro and she gave me permission to use her as a guest post. Check out her site and become a friend of hers because she has teamed up with Craft Test Dummies and is doing a lot of great reviews from CHA!

Jen’s Review:

I love adhesives…is that weird to say? But really, I do! As a crafter who ventures into all areas of crafting, I constantly find myself needing varying types of adhesives, and I am always on the look-out for better quality and easier-to-use adhesives. I just recently got to use the Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro for the first time, and I have to say – it was love at first use! So let me tell you some of the things I love about it…

First off, it’s ergonomically great for me. I happen to have extremely weak hand and finger muscles due to neuropathy, so I often struggle with adhesives that are smaller, require lots of squeezing, or are otherwise clumsy to hold…but the Glue Glider Pro is the perfect size, and fits easily in my entire hand. It doesn’t require a lot of strength to apply the adhesive, either. Just press down with a bit of pressure, and pull – and it leaves a nice line of adhesive.

Also, the cartridges are very easy to remove and replace – another bonus! I hate struggling to replace cartridges or switch them out when I want to change to a different adhesive type.

To remove cartridge, simply pull straight out – no buttons to push, very easy! To replace cartridge, simply push straight in – SIMPLE!

The cartridge you see here is the Perma-Tac cartridge. It is 1/4″ wide, and lays down permanent adhesive rectangles every 1/8″. I tried the Perma-Tac cartridge out on some basic paper-crafting, and was very happy with it’s sticking power. I found a little bit to go a long way, and loved that I didn’t need to lay down a full strip of adhesive to stick a full strip of paper – I was able to lift the applicator and lay down bits here and there, and the paper still stuck very well.

But the Glue Glider Pro is far more versatile than just this one cartridge – and this is another thing I love about it! Check out this list of the different types of cartridges available for it – and they all fit in this same holder!

List of the cartridges available for Glue Glider Pro

The extra one on the list that I was MOST excited about is this one…

Fabric Bond cartridge
That’s right – a Fabric Bond cartridge! Per the package description, this “temporarily sticks fabric together, bonds permanently when ironed.” How awesome is that?! Plus, the back of the package lets you know how well it works on different types of materials!

Back of package shows success on varying types of material
I can definitely see me using this cartridge in my fabric-crafting endeavors, for things like making bias tape, doing applique, or temporarily holding hems in place until I can stitch – rather than pinning!

Thanks Jen for your great review! I can’t wait to see what you think of this! Leave me a comment if you have used this or haven’t. You never know if a comment means a giveaway!

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