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Book Review: A Warrior’s Soul

When I first began to read this it was hard for me to get into because I knew nothing about the culture or detail behind any form of martial arts. I quickly got past that and took the book for what it truly was, a story of how a young teenage boy deals with the struggles of bullies that seem to not be noticed.

Growing up I went through this myself with the mean girls and the young men who just didn’t care what they said or did as long as it didn’t hurt them. The main character describes how he deals with this not only in his school but also in his family life. Many of my students in middle school can relate to this and that is why this book is now sitting on my shelf for anyone to read.

I have also donated a copy to my school library so that others in the school can check it out and realize that they are not alone in the battle of bullies. It truly takes a village to make things change and each voice matters.

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