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Reflections of CAMT 2013 from Jonna The Great

Today’s blog post is written by Jonna The Great who is none other than 4mulaFun’s fabulous cousin who is working as Jennifer’s assistant this week while she is presenting at CAMT 2013.

4mulaFun at CAMT13Today, I went to my first ever math conference, or any conference for that matter and I learned that there are way too many math teachers in Texas. I also learned that they basically let anyone have a booth, even if it has nothing to do with math. I know this because I scored not only a new ring but also a blinged out Rangers Shirt (from Claire Lynn Designs)

Presenting at CAMT

Also, if people are really interested in watching someone’s presentation, they will show up an hour before the presentation even starts to make sure that they get a seat. The whole room was almost completely filled up about 45 minutes before the presentation even started.

Early Birds at CAMT

Moral of this blog post: Math teachers are crazy but the food in San Antonio is amazing!

Taco Haven in San Antonio

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