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Profile of A Shipping Department

First off, this is my absolute favorite picture of my hubby Michael. He is my rock and always has been. This pic was taken Thanksgiving 2008 when he joined my family for the festivities. At that time we were just great friends and roommates. Who knew that less than 2 months later we would be engaged? Anyways….

The Live.Teach.Create Shipping Department consists solely of my hubby! He is wonderful. He works very hard at what he does after putting in his “day job”. LOL! That’s funny because he works the graveyard shift while I teach during the day so we overlap our schedules.

From the get-go we have tag-teamed the way that we process orders. I take the order, pull the items in stock and highlight them on your order form in yellow and put it all in a basket. If all the items are in stock and ready to go, it gets passed over to the Shipping Department (yes, a separate room- right now at least), and them wehn Michael gets into the office (normally 10 am- 4 pm CDT Monday-Friday), he then catches up on emails and works on processing orders. If there happens to be any items that are not in order (Back-Ordered) then we order them form our manufacturers. These baskets then sit on our shelves and are in order from when they were placed. I am able to pull any order at any time since we have them labeled on the outside with the name. Some of you have PERMANENT TAGS! LOL!

Since we now are using a new software to process all of our orders through USPS, it has definitely made his job a lot easier than it once was. Insurance and Delivery Confirmation are required on ALL orders whether they are Domestic or International, Priority or First Class. This is why when you place an order that you think might fit in a $5 Flat Rate mailer for example, it is a bit higher to cover these two things. We want to protect our customers and make sure that everything lands in your hands as safe as possible so the insurance is that added protection for you!

I hope that I haven’t totally bored you to death but I have had many people asking questions about our shipping department so I thought I would clarify things. Remember, if you email, you are talking to Michael. He can also be reached at Feel free to shoot him an email sometime. He loves hearing from the girls!

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