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Comparing Fractions Task Cards | TEKS 4.3d | TEKS 6.2c


This set of task cards breaks down comparing fractions using the greater than, less than & equal to symbol with a variety of questions involving fractions.


Comparing Fractions Task CardsComparing fractions starts with using models and comparing shaded amounts and then moves to comparing amount with different denominators in real-life situations. This set of task cards breaks down each comparing fractions using the greater than, less than and equal to symbol and allows students practice with each of the ways to compare fractions with a variety of questions.

Included in the Comparing Fractions Task Cards are:

✪ Teacher Info Sheet with Standards Alignment Guide for TEKS, CCSS and OAS
✪ Task Card Box Label
✪ Student Directions for Task Card Box
✪ Student Objective Card for Task Card Box
✪ Mini Answer Key for Task Card Box
✪ 16 Comparing Fractions Task Cards (Four Questions in Four Question Styles) in Black and White for Easy Printing
✪ Comparing Fractions Task Cards Recording Sheet
✪ Comparing Fractions Task Cards Answer Key

All activities are aligned to 4th Grade Common Core (CCSS), 4th and 6th Grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and 3rd Grade Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) and meant to be able to be used in any 4rd or 4th grade classroom.

CCSS: 4.NF.2
TEKS: 4.3d and 6.2c
OAS: 3.N.3.4

✪ Looking for the Fraction Games Mega Pack to help build a conceptual foundation for these task cards? It includes all ELEVEN games aligned to this new set of task cards as well that are perfect for Intervention, Math Workshop and State Test Prep. ✪

This set of task cards has been included in my Fourth Grade Task Card Bundle.

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Comparing Fractions Task Cards

Comparing Fractions Task Cards | TEKS 4.3d | TEKS 6.2c


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